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Primark provides services to the corporate & manufacturing Industry as well as local villages & houses for recycling their waste into a reusable products.
We collect waste and get retreated the same into reusable products or raw material.
This includes the collection, transport, treatment and disposal of waste, together with monitoring and regulation of the waste management process.
Landfills are cost-efficient and are designed to minimize the harm done to the environment.

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Comprehensive services by your industry needs.

Identifying Sources of Hazardous Waste in Your Small Business

Hazardous waste may be an unexpected byproduct of your business operations. Whether you are setting up a new small business, or you have been operating for years, it is important that you identify any hazardous waste that you may generate during your workdays. A company that specializes in waste near river or water bodies will be able to help you create a waste disposal plan that allows you to handle these materials correctly.

To ensure that your waste management methods are EPA-compliant, you will need to assess and identify any hazardous waste that is created by your business. Hazardous waste is defined as any type of solid waste that is ignitable, corrosive, reactive, or otherwise toxic. For your reference, the EPA has created a list of more than 400 types of hazardous waste as defined by the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act. By consulting with this list, you will be able to easily determine whether your business creates hazardous waste. After your hazardous waste has been identified, you will be able to create a hazardous waste management plan.

The Benefits of Intiating a Recycling Program for Your Apratment Building

One of the top benefits of setting up a recycling program in your apartment building is that consistent recycling can help to save you and your fellow tenant’s money on your trash pickup fees. Typically, apartment residents must pay a monthly fee to have their trash picked up by a waste management company. When you commit to a recycling program, you can cut back on the costs that are associated with your trash pickup.

Improved Sense of Community

Implementing a new retreating program is a terrific way to build a stronger sense of community amongst your fellow tenants. By encouraging the members of your apartment building to recycle, you can help to create a sense of teamwork and cooperation. After you and your fellow residents have recycled consistently for several months, you may even find that your sourrounding offers the sense of an improved quality of life.

Better Retreating

Whether your goal is to help your apartment building to go green, or you simply want to cut down on waste and reduce energy consumption, a retreating program will help to improve the environmental impact of your residence.
Having a structured retreating program can even help to attract new tenants or people or employees who are committed to helping the environment and improving their surroundings. Overall, you will find that your apartment building or industry produces much less landfill waste after your recycling program has been implemented.
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