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Landfill Mining plays an important role in various businesses (industries), they rely heavily on dumpster rental services or trash pickup. Have you ever wondered what happens after the waste is removed from the dumpster? The trash that’s taken from your company’s dumpsters is transported to a landfill, and locations like these play an important role in waste management.
Primark has well-managed landfill facilities that provide a place for the disposal of solid waste. These locations are monitored, operated, and designed to guard the surrounding environment against contamination from the waste stream. Also, landfills are engineered to comply with federal regulations and use monitoring systems designed to protect the environment by checking for signs of groundwater contamination and landfill gas. The disposal of solid waste in landfills is one part of an integrated waste management process, and modern landfills are created in accordance with strict requirements.


  • Landfills are convenient to use.
  • Landfills can use the waste generated in a city, town or district and produce energy.
  • Landfills can keep cities, towns and districts clean.
  • Landfills are relatively safer than other waste management and disposal techniques.


  • Toxic waste continues to pileup.
  • Methane is a concern
  • Dust, pollution and particulate matter would emanate from landfills.


A benchmark solution provider in the field of environment protection. We propagate and serve the cause of environment protection through technology and efficient management of resources.


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