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Industrial waste refers to non-hazardous waste materials that are generated through industrial activity. Some examples of activities that produce industrial waste include construction, textile manufacturing, and automotive maintenance. Primark provides a complete solution for such waste management.

Why does industrial waste management matter?

Proper industrial waste management is important for protecting the environment and human health. Also, improving your waste management practices through recycling, zero waste initiatives, and other measures may reduce your regulatory and business expenses

What types of sites require industrial waste management services?

Some examples of locations that typically need industrial waste management include distribution, food processing, automotive, and manufacturing facilities, as well as warehouses and appliance manufacturers.

How can I reduce my facility’s need for industrial waste management?

There are several steps that you can take to cut down on your facility’s waste management needs. For example, you can upgrade to newer technology that produces less waste, ensure proper training for your employees, maintain your facility and equipment, and implement a recycling program. Also, you can work with your waste management service to track your facility’s waste generation and identify possible areas for improvement.

What is a zero-waste initiative?

A zero waste initiative is a detailed sustainability plan that industrial facilities can implement. These initiatives offer companies a number of potential benefits, such as lower material and manufacturing costs, less waste production, and reduced waste management costs. More notably, beginning a zero waste initiative can give your company a greener image, as these plans are designed to help facilities operate in a way that is environmentally responsible and sustainable. If you’re interested in beginning a zero waste initiative, then contact your waste management partner to learn about their sustainability services.


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